How to Become a Teacher in the UK

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Teaching is a respected profession, and many people decide to gain teaching experience in places other than their home country. However, every country has different standards for their teachers. This is true of becoming a teacher in the UK. Although the general requirement for many countries--a college degree--remains the standard, additional training may be necessary to become a teacher in the UK.

Apply for study abroad programs that involve teaching in the UK if you are in your final year of college or have graduated. You can take teaching course specific to the UK while in the country.

Prove that you have earned a C or better in General Certificate of Secondary Education English and math courses. If you want to become a primary school teacher in the UK you also need C’s or higher in science. If you are from other countries you can have your credentials evaluated by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) to see if they match UK standards.

Have a degree in the course of study you plan to teach, especially in secondary education. If you have a degree in courses of study other than the ones you wish to teach, you will need to take subject knowledge enhancement courses.

Choose an initial teacher training (ITT) course. Hundreds of courses are offered depending on your age and the subject you want to teach in the UK. Theses courses are flexible and can be completed in a traditional classroom or online. Before you get accepted in ITT courses, you must attend an assessment interview.

Apply for additional teacher training courses. The application process depends on your level of education and if you had previous teaching experience.

Become certified by the General Teaching Council (GTC) of England. GTC maintains a list of qualified teacher in the UK, regulates teachers and advices agencies on things concerning quality teaching and learning.