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How to Find Construction Jobs to Bid on

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If you're an established company, contractors and other clients familiar with your work will send you bidding invitations. For newer companies, finding construction bid sources can be more difficult. You'll have to seek new construction jobs to bid on while helping area contractors get familiar with your company. Over time, as your company name becomes more well known in the industry, finding construction bid opportunities will get much easier.

Sign up for the Blue Book's BB Bid program. The Blue Book is a free resource that is found in almost every construction office in North America. It lists contractors by trade and region. Visit the Blue Book website to get your company listed free of charge. As contractors begin to see your name in the Blue Book, they will send bid invitations your way. This is an especially useful way for out-of-state contractors to find local companies to perform work.

Complete the American Institute of Architect's (AIA) Subcontractor Qualification form No. A305. This form is considered a standard resource to help contractors and owners evaluate new subcontracting companies. You can find this form on the AIA website.

Visit contractors and ask about construction bidding opportunities. Provide them with a copy of your completed A305 to give them an indication of your company's abilities. Ask how you can be placed on their company bid list. Most contractors will send bid invitations to all contractors on the bid list automatically, so the more contractors that put you on their lists, the better.

Look online. Most contractors have websites, and often they will list jobs they are accepting bids for on their site. In these situations, they will often have plans and specifications listed as well. By sending your bid in on these jobs, you are getting your company name out, so the more bids you send, the better.

Check into state and federal jobs. Most municipal jobs are open to all bidders, and drawings can often be found on the organization's website. Check with your state to see what's available in your area. This is an especially good construction bidding opportunity for minority business owners, who often are in high demand for municipal jobs due to minority participation requirements.


Be smart about the type of construction bids you submit. While it's important to get your name out in the industry, you don't want to end up losing money by winning jobs that are out of your region or too difficult for your new company to perform.