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How to Apply for Civilian Jobs in Iraq

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A lot of families think that taking a civilian job in Iraq will be the answer to their financial problems. Jobs in Iraq generally pay higher than any labor jobs within the United States because of the risk factor. If you'd like to apply for civilian jobs in Iraq, there are a few things you need to do to be accepted.

Have a clean record. People with criminal records are not hired to work civilian jobs in Iraq. If you have a misdemeanor on your record, see an attorney about having this petty crime removed from your criminal record before attempting to apply. If you apply while a crime is still on your record, you will be turned down.

Be in good physical condition. In most cases, civilian jobs in Iraq are contract jobs, which will have no medical insurance benefits. For this reason, hiring managers prefer to hire people in good physical condition and with no existing medical conditions. They also want and need strong individuals who are not overweight because employees will often do a lot of physical labor.

Be in good mental and emotional condition. Employees for civilian jobs in Iraq will put applicants through psychological exams to determine whether the applicants are in good mental condition and would be able to withstand the emotional impact of working so far away and in wartime conditions.

Be skilled in whatever field you will be applying for. Job descriptions for civilian jobs in Iraq are detailed, and applicants must meet all of the requirements to be considered for the job. Read the job description carefully to ensure you qualify.

Prepare your resume. You will need to submit a resume with your job application. If you aren't sure how to prepare a resume, use a resume-writing service. There are many available online (see Resources).

Visit the U.S. official website for legitimate civilian jobs in Iraq (see Resources). This is the only place that you are guaranteed to find jobs that are real. Many scammers post classified ads offering civilian jobs in Iraq (or information about such jobs) and charge respondents a fee.

Apply for all of the jobs you qualify for. Applying for just one job may decrease your chances of getting a civilian job in Iraq because there are many applicants for each job posting. If you don't get one job, you might stand a chance of getting another position.

Bookmark the site and check back as often as you can. New jobs in Iraq may open up, and you can be among the first to apply for the position if you are keeping a close eye on the website.