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How to Become an Insurance Inspector

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Insurance inspectors help insurance companies manage the risks involved in providing insurance cover to a client. They spend most of their time in the field assessing buildings, machinery and other assets, noting whether they’re exposed to risk factors such as gas leaks, fire and explosions. Insurance underwriters use this information to draw up polices that cover such risks. To get hired as an insurance inspector, you need to have a post-secondary qualification in a relevant field and the right job skills.

Undertake the Education

It takes a blend of technical and business knowledge to be a competent insurance inspector. If you want to work for a property insurance firm, for example, you should earn an associate’s degree in building engineering, construction inspection or automotive engineering and gain some work experience in the field. Many employers offer on-the-job training, which covers the business aspect of the job. Several colleges also offer associate degrees in finance, insurance services and risk management, all which can give you a solid preparation for a career in insurance inspection.

Develop the Skills

The primary task of insurance inspectors is to examine the state of a property. To do the job successfully, you need strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail to assess a property and identify all the risks it is exposed to. You will also be asked to photograph areas of interest, such as damaged roofs, and take measurements. As such, you must possess strong technical and practical skills to operate digital cameras, surveying tapes and other tools. Report writing and computer skills come in handy when you need to compile the findings of your inspections.

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Obtain a License

Insurance inspectors don’t need any occupational licenses or certifications to qualify for employment. However, the job involves extensive traveling. You will need to drive to several sites your employer needs inspected. For this reason, you need a valid driver’s license to improve your chances of getting a job. Securing membership in organizations such as the Insurance Information Institute can demonstrate your professionalism and enhance your employment prospects as well.

Find a Job

Although insurance carriers are the major employers of insurance inspectors, you can also be hired by independent companies that provide inspection services. Other potential employers are insurance brokerages and claims settlement agencies. After gaining vast work experience, you can move into self-employment starting your own inspection firm.

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