How to Study at Home for Medical Billing for Free

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If you're interested in starting a medical billing company from home or would like to work as a medical billing employee, there are hundreds of schools that you can attend for a fee. If you don't want to pay inflated fees for these simple courses, you can study at home and learn medical billing for free.

Visit your local library and study the texts used by all medical billing employers and employees. The books you need to concentrate your studies on are the ICD-9 book and the CPT book.

Develop an understanding of the codes in the ICD-9 and CPT codebooks. Medical billing and filing insurance claims will require the use of both of these types of codes on every claim (bill) that is sent to a patient or his insurance company. One set gives codes for every procedure that was done in the doctor's office, and the other set of codes will signify what diagnosis or diagnoses the doctor assigned to that patient. It is important to understand how and why each of these sets of numbers are used.

Visit forums of other medical billing personnel online. Here, you can interact with other people who already work in the field. If you're confused about certain things that you've read in the ICD-9 or CPT codebooks or about how to find employment as a medical billing clerk, you can find help here.