How to Get Free Health Care If You Are Unemployed and Uninsured Workers

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Are you unemployed and uninsured workers in United States? Do you want to know where to get free care for jobless employee like you?

In today's economy crisis, Jobless claims are growing and many of us cannot afford health insurance to cover our medical problems. So if you are interested to get free medicine or drugs for your health treatment, here's how to get it.

According to Associated Press in Yahoo News, Walgreens is giving free Care to anyone who is unemployed and uninsured. So if you are looking for medical help while being laid off from your job, check out Take Care Clinics and Quest Diagnostics programs or service. Or directly check out for more info at Walgreens website.

Visit your local Walgreens Store and bring your documents to prove that you are out of job and have no health insurance. Your family is also covered in this free care services offered by Walgreens at their in-store Clinic.

This offer is only good for someone who really a Laidoff Worker and if you find a job after getting your free medicine then you will no longer considered unemployed and you will no longer eligible for free care even if you are still uninsured.

You need to be both Unemployed and Uninsured employee to benefits for the Free Treatment or Medicine for simple health issues. Check ups or other complicated testing are not covered or offered.


Check out your local health services for affordable injections or medical testing.


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