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Becoming a Pediatric Nurse in Canada

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Pediatric nurses are a popular nursing specialty in Canada. These nurses must first become registered nurses by studying for their associate or bachelor degree. They then pursue pediatric studies through programs offered by their hospital, which qualifies them to work as full-time pediatric nurses.

The Steps to Becoming a Pediatric Nurse in Canada

Fulfill the educational requirements. If you want to become a pediatric nurse, you must first become a registered nurse. Many Canadian nurses get either an associate or a bachelor degree in nursing.

The vast majority of Canadian colleges and universities offer both two-year and four-year nursing degrees. However, most Canadian provinces and territories require registered nurses to have bachelor degrees.

The admission requirements for Canadian colleges and universities center on advanced-level math, physics and chemistry coursework in high school. In college, registered nurses mainly study physical science, anatomy, biology and psychology. After graduation, they take the Certified Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE), which gives them their nursing licensure.

Once you become a registered nurse, work at a hospital that has a pediatric department. See if an internship is available for you to work side-by-side with a pediatric nurse practitioner or a doctor. Most pediatric internships are five to 12 weeks long and are structured so they provide both classroom and practical training.

Once you complete your pediatric internship, you can start applying for pediatric nurse positions. Since nursing is a high-growth field in Canada, you will likely obtain work in a short time.


Many internship programs are competitive. An excellent academic record can qualify you for well-regarded pediatric internships.


If you are a U.S. registered nurse and are moving to Canada, you must first fulfill your province or territory's requirements for registered nurses. Contact the nursing board of the province/territory where you plan to work and ask for the board's requirements for registered nurses. Most provinces and territories require foreign nurses to take the CRNE before gaining their licenseure.