How to Walk Confidently (For Men)

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One often overlooked aspect of men's health articles is walking with confidence. Confidently going about your day can enhance your business and social life and significantly increase self-image.

Today's lesson is walking with Confidence!

Breathe deep. One of the most seemingly insignificant things is deceivingly helpful. Correct breathing is helpful in every situation. If you have not read my article on breathing technique, then look for the link below!

Develop good posture. Stand straight and tall, whilst keeping your shoulders elevated.

Keep your head slightly inclined upwards. Do not "look down your nose", rather keep your chin parallel to the ground.

At social functions, I recommend smiling, yet reserving your open-mouth smile for when you make eye contact with another person. This way you appear approachable, and the people who make eye contact think you are making a big smile JUST for THEM.

For business, keep a serious face (but not a scowl). As in step 4, give a big warm open-mouth smile to those whom make eye contact.

Make eye contact with those you pass bye; averting your eyes is a submissive gesture. Keep in mind, in some countries it is rude to hold eye contact (study body language customs before dealing with someone from another country).

Finally, decide on speed. Specific situations call for different speeds. Would you like to appear busy? Walk fast, in a controlled fashion (not speed walking).

If you are trying to appear in control, and effervescent, make slow and deliberate maneuvers.


Appear approachable. Move deliberately. Visualize what you think of as confident and act on that. Head and shoulders up.


Do not intimidate people with your eye contact. We are going for confidence, not aggressiveness.


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