How to Get Paid to Surf the Internet

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There are many online opportunities, which will enable you to make money online by visiting websites, and looking around those sites. Some get paid to surf programs just require you to visit a website and stay there for a certain period of time and then you can go to the next one. Other get paid to surf programs require you to click on links at certain pages and also visit a certain number of pages per day.

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How Get Paid to Surf Programs Work?

To make the most out of paid to surf services you will need a website that has a good presentation targeted towards a broad audience. Most paid to surf programs provide their members with an advertising system that allows the members to place their website within a network of others. Other members will then view your website for 10-60 seconds each in return for cash and advertising credits for their websites. In order for you to place your website within the advertising system, you must purchase or earn advertising credits from the paid to surf program.

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How And When Will I Be Paid For Surfing?

Most paid to surf programs update your statistics in real time and you get paid when you reach a certain level of payable commissions, such as $10.00 for example. In most cases you will need to have PayPal, AlertPay, SafePay or some other payment processor account in order to receive your funds. Some paid to surf programs will even send you a check in the mail.

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Why Get Paid to Surf Programs Work?

People love the idea that they could make money on the internet without much effort or investment just by looking at some websites as if they were TV commercials. Most of get paid to surf programs are free to join. This whole new idea of inexpensively advertising a website trough paid to surf programs have not gone down too well with Yahoo and Google. It was reported that thousands of advertisers were closing their pay per click accounts when they found this new inexpensive way to get their websites seen by thousands of people. Instead of paying Google for each pay per click and with no guarantee that the person would even look at their website, now the difference is that the visitors came to look for a set amount of time to actually view the website! The paid to surf programs then takes a portion of the revenue generated from advertisers and pays it to its members for their participation in the program. You might as well sign up for one or more of these programs and get paid online for something you're already doing for free.

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