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How to Work a Second Job While in The Military

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Though pay in the military has gotten better over the years it is still sometimes necessary to make extra money through different means. Getting a second job may not sound possible at first but certain jobs make great second incomes while you are still in the military.

Figure out when you have extra time on your hands. Do you have a regular schedule during the week? Do you normally have weekends off? Or are you always working odd hours? This is important so you know what kind of second job you can take.

If you have a set schedule you can look for a traditional second job. Deliver pizzas on the nights and weekends, get a retail sales job, or become a waiter. These are all great part time jobs that should work well with your set schedule. Just make sure you employer knows that this is a second job and your military duties will obviously come first in case of a conflict of schedules. A good employer will have no problem with this.

If you do not have a set schedule that would work with a traditional second job, start thinking outside the box. Start mowing lawns for other military families or hire yourself out as a handyman if you are good at that sort of thing.

If the above second job options are not a possibility for you, look into making money online. Write for Ehow or make money trying offers and filling out surveys on You can also look into becoming a secret shopper. All of these are great ways of earning extra income while still serving as active duty military.


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