How Do You Send a Carbon Copy Letter?

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Sending a carbon copy of a letter may be necessary under many circumstances. For example, if you are writing a letter that indicates a notice of resignation, you may want to send a carbon copy to various work associates or supervisors who may be affected. It is typically used within the standard business letter format and is simple to implement, but it is essential that it be done correctly in order to communicate professionalism.

Write “cc:” one line below your name and title at the bottom of the business letter.

After the "cc:," write the name of one of the individuals to whom you wish to send carbon copies.

Add each additional name of the individuals who will receive carbon copies directly below the first name you typed, if there is more than one.


Be sure your letter is in the proper business letter format before adding any carbon-copied recipients. Your name and title are below your signature in the proper business letter format.