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How to Become a Hospital Administrator

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A career as a hospital administrator is a rewarding and exciting one. If this is a path that you’re interested in, you’ll need to start preparing as soon as possible--many requirements and criteria must be met.

Make sure you have the right educational background. In order to become a hospital administrator, you will need a master’s degree in health services administration. You will also typically need to have a degree in public or business administration. Residencies may be required in some facilities, so it’s important to start thinking about what area you would like to work in and scouting out some of the nearby hospitals.

Work in the hospital setting as you continue your education to receive the degrees you need. The more experience you have in a hospital setting, the better it will look when you go for the title of hospital administrator. Since hospital administrators must be able to manage the entire hospital, working your way to management somewhere within the hospital is a great way to gain experience and the skills it will take you to manage the entire hospital.

Understand what will be expected of you. While doctors are responsible for the health and happiness of the patients, the hospital administrator is responsible for the health of the hospital. As an administrator, you will need to keep up with everything that is going on in the hospital--in each different department as well as press and public relations, charity and community events, technology and so much more. Travel is typically required so the administrator can attend meetings--it’s a hectic job, often with 24-hour demands. By knowing what is expected of you, you will be more prepared to take on the responsibilities of a hospital administrator.

Let everyone know that you are seeking an administrator job, so that supervisors will pay attention to your qualities and abilities. When an administrator job arises, you want to be the first person that comes to their minds. While some individuals are able to take the job as administrator quickly, others must wait for an available opening. It all depends on your location and the needs in your area.

Apply when the job arises. Once you’ve gained the appropriate degrees, expertise, qualifications and experience, you can apply when the job arises. To find a suitable position, visit or The application process shouldn’t be new to you and you will be able to boast the necessary experience to get the job done.