How to Manage Your Office

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The office management is not an easy task. One has to study well and then put in his/her ideas to the Employees with confidence.A step by step procedure is given in items 1 to 3 below.

Time schedule to be maintained religiously.Flexibility can be allowed but only on special instances.The muster sheet/register to be moved to the manager's room after the normal reporting time (+ or 5 mtes allowed).A smiling look at the late comer will put him right next time.

Walking around and watching/supervising the works of the staff is a good practice to keep them in good tune.Also this will enable them to clear their doubts on the spot and get the approval wherever necessary.This type of supervision/monitoring the office works is proved to be a better tool in the office management system.

Another aspect is the feed back from the staff at the close of the day's work.They should be asked to record their performance on the day in a Register( Performance register). The prudent manager will assess the merit of each employee and he will be able to identify them for more responsible assignments.Timely correction & advice will stand in good stead in the overall out put of the office machinery


Close door supervision by a manager will bring down the efficiency of the office set up.The office procedure and rules should apply to all equally. But in certain cases the manager has to use his discretion treating every one " Equal But Different!". This is important in Office Management.


Careful handling of the office machinery. This is very important to keep the moral & discipline of the office staff. Timely interference and correction is the main stay. The Courage of Conviction is essential to deal with the staff of different temperaments.A "Horse riding) technique is preferable( ie Spur& pull"). Above all UNQUESTIONABLE INTEGRITY IS THE WATCH WORD