How to get a job at Coca-Cola

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Want to work for one of the best known and most recognized brands in the world? Work for Cocoa-Cola!

Go to and click on careers. You'll be taken to a new screen - scroll down to the bottom where it says, "For jobs in North America Click Here."

Search "All Jobs" then fill in Full Time and Regular employment for the other choices. Then select your location from the next set of boxes.

The secret to success at CCE is starting in the warehouse and working your way up through the ranks, all the way to upper management. Almost anyone you meet who has been at Coca-Cola for twenty or more years and has a management position will say, "I started in the warehouse." If you really want to make it in this company, be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. Look for jobs described as "Order Builder" or "Warehouse" or "Forklift Operator."

Go through the application process, which will include a background check, a drug test and an interview. Dress well for your interview. Just because you are applying to work in the warehouse doesn't mean you can show up for the interview wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt. Dress for the job you hope to eventually have at Coke, not the one you are hoping to start out in!

Be prepared to work hard physically at first - and don't complain about it. The longer you work at Coke, the easier and less physical your work will become but you have to do your time at the bottom of the totem pole first. The key to moving up is doing a good job and not whining. It's a winning combination!

Don't get too comfortable - it's normal to move from position to position about once per year! And each new position will bring a pay increase and usually better hours.


Coca-Cola Enterprises can do random drug tests anytime they want and they do one every single time there is an accident at work. Stay clean or you will ruin your reputation - and lose your job. If you have a criminal record, be up front about it. Coke will hire a qualified candidate with a felony on record if the person is honest about it and can show that they really have cleaned up their act.


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