How to Get an Online Teaching Certificate

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Getting a online teaching certificate is becoming more common every day. The online approach to obtaining a certificate allows you to pursue your online teaching certificate at your own pace and around other activities such as work.

Research the schools offering courses for an online teaching certificate, also known as teacher licensure. The term used will depend on the state you wish to teach in.

Insure that the school that you have selected offers courses that meet your state's requirements. It is a good idea to check that the school is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and meets the requirements for the No Child Left Behind act. Most will have enrollment counselors who will happily speak to you and answer questions.

Evaluate what the schools are offering. At the least, you can expect curriculum and instruction, classroom management, methods, and classes in your chosen specialty. Some online teaching certificate courses offer mentors to their students to help them along. Check to compare the offers.

Once you have selected your school and near the completion of your courses you should check with your desired school district regarding special requirements regarding practice teaching, testing, etc. Your school should be able to help you meet these requirements.

Once you have successfully completed your online teaching certificate courses you are ready to apply for a license in your chosen state.

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