How to Work From Home and Make $100 Each Week

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WORK FROM HOME AND MAKE $100 CASH - Are you looking for ways to make money at home? Will $100 per week ($400 per month) make a difference in your life? Then this eHow article will definitely give you some key tips for working at home and making extra income. When you work from home you spend less on gas, clothes and food.


WORK FROM HOME IDEAS - The 1st step to a successful work at home idea is to make a list of all the things you do well. Everyone has specific knowledge, skills and abilities that can be used to make money. Can you play the piano? Then you should get a free piano from craigslist and become a piano teacher. Student (young and old) can come to your house and you can charge $10 per hour for each student. If you book 10 student, then you have made $100 for the week.


WORK AT HOME BABYSITTING IDEAS - The 2nd step to work at home is to meet a need in your community. There are many single parents who need reasonally priced daycare. They will pay you to watch their children. If you babysit 4 kids at $25.00 per kid that is $100 per week. Of course you can charge much, much more and make even more money. Work at home ideas are easy if you meet a need.


WORK AT HOME TO HELP THE ELDERLY - You can easily make $100 cash by helping the elderly. Many older people need someone to take them to Walmart, food shopping and some just want company. You can charge a nominal fee (many old people are on a fixed budget). Make a difference today in your community and also make $100 per week.


Why are you waiting? Take action now. You can have $400 in your pocket by the end of this month. Use this computer to research multiple ways to make money at home.

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