How to Become a Vacation Property Rental Agent

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How to Become a Vacation Property Rental Agent. Perhaps you've always dreamed of becoming a vacation property rental agent, so you can help people have a great vacation away from home. You can become a vacation property rental agent and work from your own home or for a better understanding of property management take a course first to jumpstart a new career.

Take a course in property rentals or property management. Check to see if there are some local courses around your own city or if there isn't, there are online courses available, as well. This training will prepare you for all the details involved with renting and managing properties.

Build your own website or get a technical person to do it. You can then post vacation property rentals on your website when you start to get your business rolling.

Start offering your services to people with vacation property rentals. Ask them if they need some help in renting out their vacation property and at what dates they would want to rent the place. This is especially beneficial in tourist towns where the property owner lives fars away and doesn't have time to take care of renting out the property themselves.

Hammer out the details with the property owners about deposits, rental fees, minimum and maximum stays, discounts and cleaning fees. Some owners charge different rates for different seasons. Make sure your information is correct in your ads on or the website, so renters will have a clear idea of how much to budget for their lodging. Don't forget to also negotiate the fee you'll receive for renting the owners' properties.

Learn all pertinent aspects of marketing the properties, as well as, how to book them, make sure they're cleaned and ready to go each time they're rented out and ensure all needed repairs are made. Part of your contract with the property owner may include cleaning and light maintenance of the properties, as well as, the actual renting aspects.

Advertise your services in a vacation rental or real estate magazine. Explain what you specialize in and post a nice professional photo of yourself so people feel a sense of trust. Use client testimonials about how you handle your business, if available.

Begin renting out apartments, condos and houses to people looking for a vacation rental. You may want to start off small and work your way up until you get a good feel for the business. You can advertise them on your own website or use free websites like craigslist. Be sure to include high quality photographs in marketing information.


If you're looking for part-time work you can do from your own home, this is a good career choice. After awhile, you can develop it into a full-time business if you prefer. You can also contact local rental agencies to see if they're looking for agents if you'd prefer the safety of working for a business, but they may require specific licensing depending on your state's requirements.


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