How to Become a Piercing Artist in Florida

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Piercing enthusiasts in Florida who love body art often decide to become professional piercing artists. The problem that many potential piercing artists encounter is the lack of available information on their trade. Some do not realize that becoming a piercing artist in Florida requires a bit more than spending time at the local tattoo and piercing parlor.

How to Become a Piercing Artist in Florida

Start your apprenticeship. Before you start the process necessary to become a piercing artist in Florida you should first apprenticeship yourself to a reputable professional. Take your time researching local piercing artists before approaching one about becoming an apprentice. Have a list of several artists prepared in the event that your first choice or two are not able to take on an apprentice. Once you start your apprenticeship be prepared to do a lot of grunt work around the shop or parlor.

Attend training courses. The state of Florida requires all piercing operators to be trained in basic infection control procedures. There are training courses available to those who want to become a piercing artist in Florida. All training courses are run by experienced professionals that are able to teach individuals about safe techniques, hygiene, anatomy and more. These courses do require registration and a fee of anywhere from $25 to $50. Refresher courses are also available for those who have already completed initial classes.

Take a first aid/CPR course. Accidents happen even in the best establishments. Being prepared to handle them could help you and the business you work for or represent. Florida requires incident reports whenever an accident occurs. The ability to demonstrate how you responded could help your personal and professional reputation.

Get licensed. It is important that anyone planning to operate his own shop after becoming a professional piercing artist obtain an operating license. The state of Florida requires that even temporary piercing establishments have a proper license to operate legally. If you are someone that plans to pierce friends and neighbors in a home shop it is in your best interest to obtain an operating license that must be renewed annually. The applications can be found at the Florida Health Department.

Tthough some people become professional piercing artists after a few months of study, it is best to take your time. Many professional artists encourage apprentices to spend at least one year working in a well known shop while attending classes and obtaining proper licenses and certifications. Learning how to become an effective piercing artist takes time and patience.

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