How to Organize a Department Meeting

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The best way to make sure things get done--and properly--is to allow for open communication in the workplace. Organize a meeting so that everyone in a department or involved in a specific project is up to date on what is going on.

How to make it happen:

Ensure that everyone who needs to be in attendance can do so. Send out e-mails to everyone who should attend, suggesting a target time and place for the meeting. Do this at least one week in advance.

If everyone says they can attend the meeting at the particular time set, formally schedule the meeting. If not, try setting another time and repeat Step 1 to see if the new suggestion works better for everyone involved.

Ask the group to send you suggestions and topics to be covered at the meeting. This can include questions people may have, deadlines or other general information about what is being discussed.

Compile the information you receive from your co-workers into a single document that lists all the topics to be discussed. This will provide the layout for the meeting so everyone will know what to expect.

Send the completed document to your co-workers for approval. This allows them the opportunity to add or make changes to what is listed.

Now you are ready to hold your meeting. Everyone should have been given the opportunity to voice their input on the time and place of the meeting and also the agenda.


Communication is key when working with a large group of individuals who all need to accomplish a common goal. Never discount someone's questions or suggestions if they are pertinent to the material. Someone else may have the same question.

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