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How to Become a Vet Tech in Cape Town

There are many opportunities to become a veterinary tech in Cape Town, South Africa. Since the country is home to many exotic animals in zoos and wild refuges, a veterinary technician's chances of landing a job are good. Of course, the chance to work in Cape Town is very appealing to vet techs, so there is a lot of competition too. If you can't find a paying job, you may find volunteer work or study abroad opportunities. There are a host of companies that offer these programs, it just requires some time, research and resources.

Locate a school that offers veterinary technician training in Cape Town. A good place to start is the "University of Cape Town." They offer programs in veterinary science that include two-year and four year degrees in the field.

Apply for one of these programs and complete the training course.

Contact one of the local zoos or refuges to inquire about a position as an assistant to one of the veterinarians during your summer break. Completing an internship at one of these facilities will give you a leg up during your real job search.

Complete your veterinary training and apply for a job as a vet tech at a refuge, zoo or veterinarian office. Local job boards like "Gumtree" and "VetNets" post listings for veterinary technician jobs all over the world and in Cape Town.


If you can not relocate overseas, apply for a study abroad program as a volunteer assistant to one of the animal technicians in Cape Town. This experience allows you to shadow an animal worker and get a real taste of what the life of a veterinary technician is like in this country. There are several opportunities to do this listed below.