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How to Become a Millionaire Wife

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Millionaires belong to an entirely different class of men than the average Joes. Their social lives, work habits and dating practices may be completely unfamiliar to the regular gal. If you've got your sights set on a millionaire man, you will need to educate yourself in his ways. It is much harder to land a millionaire, so you must be strategic to be successful.

Get your degree. Wealthy men are usually well-educated, and well-educated men need a partner who can carry on a decent conversation. Many people have the impression that millionaires care only about landing trophy wives, but this assumption is erroneous. Like any man, the millionaire may be initially attracted to the beautiful woman who hasn't read a newspaper since the Clinton administration, but he certainly won't marry her. You will need more than your cleavage to hold his attention, so pick up a book.

Find a good job in a location where you are likely to run into millionaires. Real estate, travel and tourism, hospitality and banking are all industries where you are likely to interact with wealthy men as part of your job duties. Millionaires will not just show up at your door; you have to create opportunities to meet them. Besides, women with jobs command more respect than those who simply hang out at the country club all day waiting for a marriage proposal. Millionaire men need to know that the women they date are interested in them, not just their money. Pursuing your own career goals demonstrates that you are not just another gold digger. If you opt to quit work after marriage, be sure that you keep busy. If you simply lie around the pool all day waiting for him to get home, he will become bored and lose respect for you. Explore interests beyond shopping and grooming. Take up hobbies such as gardening, tennis or dancing. Enroll in classes in gourmet cooking, pottery or piano. Get involved with local charities, or volunteer at a museum. Do whatever piques your interest and challenges you, just so long as you are doing something productive with your time.

Create a social life that includes activities and people who will lead you to wealthy bachelors. Skip the dive bars in favor of upscale lounges. Attend charity functions, museum openings, golf tournaments. The more expensive the activity, the greater the likelihood that millionaires will be taking part in it. Get to know as many high-powered people as you can. Network to find a millionaire husband in the same way that you would network to find your dream job. Once you have established yourself in higher-income social circles, wealthy bachelors will be part of your life. Once you are married, your millionaire husband may rely upon you to keep your social lives in order. Keep the two of you involved with community events. Finally, since many millionaires are workaholics, it will be up to you to schedule time for activities that the two of you can enjoy alone together to keep connected as a couple.

Dress to impress. Millionaires are looking for a partner who will fit in at company functions, cocktail parties and local benefits. This means that you should always be well-groomed. Get regular facials and manicures. Little details like skin and nails show that you take good care of yourself. Get plenty of exercise, and stick to a healthy diet to keep your body in shape and your energy level high. Hair and makeup should always be done, but keep it natural. Nothing screams gold digger louder than heavy makeup and helmet hair. Wear clothes that are fashionable, sophisticated and tailored to your body type. You need not break the bank in a quest for designer labels, but your clothes mustn't look cheap. While your intelligence and personality are important, your looks are the very first impression that you make. Once you have landed the millionaire, do not under any circumstances let your beauty routines and fashion sense fall by the wayside. Millionaires have no shortage of women trying to be with them, even after they are married.


Don't let people know that your goal is to marry a millionaire. Telling everyone of your intentions is the quickest way to get the cold shoulder in wealthy social circles.


Be sure that you enter into the marriage for the right reasons. It is immoral to marry someone just to get his money. Not only that, the thrill of wealth will eventually wear off. You will be waking up next to this person for the rest of your life. If love is not part of the equation, you will eventually be very unhappy, no matter how many pairs of shoes you have.

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