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How to Become a Wet Nurse

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How to Become a Wet Nurse. A wet nurse is a lactating woman who breastfeeds another's baby. While this may seem taboo in our culture, wet nursing was actually popular until the invention of formula. With over 70 percent of mothers' breastfeeding, it's only natural that busy moms or moms with medical reasons who can't breastfeed are turning to wet nurses. If you have extra breastmilk, you may be looking to becoming a wet nurse.

Know that you must have had a baby recently so you are lactating. While it is technically possible for a woman who has not had a baby to start lactating, it's a long and involved process (usually involving hormone supplements) to start lactating. You must be able to produce breastmilk in a good supply to keep your baby and someone else's baby healthy.

Be prepared to take some health tests. You need to be in good health to be a wet nurse. It's also best if you go through a screening for viruses that may pass through your breastmilk to the baby such as HIV. You should also expect drug tests.

Agree to a contract. Most wet nurses will have to make a commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle and be drug and alcohol free for as long as they're lactating. Most clients will ask you to sign a contract.

Understand that you aren't just pumping the breastmilk to give to another baby; you are actually breastfeeding another baby. If you just want to pump your milk to give to others, look at becoming a milk bank donor.

Find a client. Many wet nurses start breastfeeding their friends or family's babies. You can also try being hired at a staffing agency such as A+ Staffing Agency.


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