How to Start a Hot Sauce Business

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Hot sauces have a cult following that rivals even Elvis mania! Many people have started collecting this phenomenally flavored concoction. There is even a store at the Grove in Los Angeles that is dedicated entirely to its sale. You, too, can get in on the action. Here is how you can start a hot sauce business. It can be challenging to break through to the market, but the rewards are great.

Pick a theme for your hot sauce. Decide if you want to make a serious food condiment or a super hot concoction that only expert palates could handle. Start working on your recipes, and keep a log of your successes and failures. This will help you from duplicating your efforts.

Call your county and state departments that administer your health codes. You will need to see what licenses, safety handling or equipment you will need to start your business. You may not be able to make you product at home, but calling these departments will ensure you are following your state's or county's rules.

Decide what business structure you want with a lawyer. They will register your business with the government. He will also help you set up the right amount of business insurance to keep you and your family safe from lawsuits.

Attend the gourmet shows around the country. Each gourmet show has different vendors from each region. You may want to invest in being a presenter at one of these shows. You will have exposure to all the buyers from all over the country.

Sell your hot sauce at a local farmers market or flea market if you are looking to start off small. Investment into a large full scale gourmet show may not be feasible in every one's budget. Starting with a picnic table at a farmer's market may be your entry into the hot sauce business.

Visit your local grocery store, and ask them to carry your product. You may have to send your product to the corporate headquarters.

Try to set up an online business, and market your hot sauces online. You may end up making a fortune by creating an international hot sauce business!


Make sure you research the competition. See if your product and branding is unique.


Don't forget to check with your state to make sure you are doing all the things necessary to create a legal and proper business!