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How to Become a Tax Accountant

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A tax accountant's career path can be long. Starting as an entry level employee, a corporate tax accountant can rise to officer positions such as Chief Financial Officer or even Chief Executive Officer. Starting the path of accounting requires as little as an intern position in a public accounting company. From there, you can work your way up to positions with more demands and more pay.

Complete high school. A GED may work in some entry level fields, but a few employers may prefer a high school diploma.

Attend a four-year university or a two-year career or community college and take classes in accounting. College is not widely necessary, but if you want to become a tax accountant for a highly notable CPA firm, you will need at least a 2-year degree in public accounting.

Obtain an entry level position. Entry level positions can be obtained at any small town tax office or small business. Keep your entry level position for two to four years to obtain professional references you may use to go after bigger employment.


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