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How to Get a Coaching Internship

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How to Get a Coaching Internship. Coaching internships can provide valuable skills and experience for anyone who hopes to make coaching a career. Internships are available at any level, including high school, college and professional. Regardless of the level you receive an internship at, you will never regret the opportunity. The following steps will tell you how to get the coaching internship of your dreams.

Decide what kind of coach you want to be. Baseball, football, softball, tennis, wrestling, etc., are just a few of the sports that offer coaching internships.

Determine if you want to start your internship during college, during the summer or when you graduate. Many internships are required by coaching classes and are often called clinicals. However, post graduate internships are also available, and are usually found within college graduate assistant programs or professional programs.

Meet with coaches at the high school or college level if you would like to complete an internship under their direction. Explain to them your career goals, why you chose them, and what school or college you currently attend.

Treat your internship just like your job with the head coach being your boss. You will get the opportunity to work hands on with athletes and will be graded based on your performance.

Realize the wealth of knowledge you are gaining. Most high school and college internships pay very little or nothing at all, unless it is considered scholarship work. Post-graduate internships and professional internships usually pay, but not a full-time salary. The purpose of an internship is to teach you about the business, not pay you.

Make the most of your experience and learn as much as you can about coaching. The experience you receive from your internship can be used for many years after.


Most coaching internships are reserved for college students majoring in coaching. Very few are available for high school students. However, many high school coaches will accept a volunteer assistant student coach, and you can receive great experience from this opportunity.

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