How to Look for a Job

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There are many ways to look for a job, especially now that there is the added advantage of connecting to employers on-line compared to just 20 years ago when that was impossible. If you're a college student, a recent graduate or looking to change careers or supplement your income, you may find yourself searching for a job right now. Here are ways to land a job that suits you.

How to Look for a Job

Go to career fairs. Attending career fairs is a great investment of time and effort during the job search because you can directly approach a great number of employers in a day. You can send out resumes to hiring staffs, instead of having to complete applications one by one. Hiring managers also attend these fairs, so you could personally meet the one responsible for hiring you. If you still live close to your alma mater, you may be able to go to career fairs sponsored by the university. Contact the university's career center and it may be able to help locate jobs for both current students and graduates.

Research employment websites on-line. More and more employers are posting employment opportunities on-line, so be sure to visit sites like, Career Builder and Yahoo Hot Jobs to find a job. If you already have a company in mind, most companies provide on-line job applications or contact information on their websites.

Network, network, network. Never underestimate the power of networking. Tell your friends and family that you are looking for a job. They may know of some openings at their workplaces, or can partner you with someone they know who is looking to hire an employee with your skills.

Go to your city's human resources office. Most cities have human resources offices that can help you find employment within city government or at local companies. Be sure to make use of their resources which are for people looking for jobs like you!

Utilize your resources. Be resourceful during the job search. Sure, the Internet makes it easier to contact employers, but you also have other resources such as newspapers and magazines. Look for jobs the traditional way, perusing classified ads printed in the newspapers. There are career magazines that post ads from employers looking to hire. Look for opportunities everywhere.


Don't be discouraged if you don't get interviews right away. Usually, companies contact you within a week to a month after you have submitted your resume, depending on their hiring policies. You may not be able to find out whether or not you are hired until a couple more weeks after the interview itself. Job searching usually takes three months to a year on average.


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