How to Write a Dance Resume

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How to Write a Dance Resume. Dancers are expressive and artistic. These qualities are great for dancers but can actually work against them when they write a resume. A resume is more about form and function. It is literal and there is no room for creativity or expression. Dancers must write a resume because it enhances an audition and can be a key component in securing a dance position.

Amass all the dance relevant information for the resume. This includes schools you attended, any notable instructor who taught the classes, all awards won, contests in which you competed and how you fared.

Before you start the resume, it is a good idea to list all the information you collected in Step 1 in a cohesive readable format. List the information in chronological order.

Measure your physical attributes and add them to your rough draft. Unlike traditional resumes, a dance resume must include your physical characteristics like length, height, weight and age. You may want to include photos with the resume to give the readers a better grasp of your physicality.

Compose a statement of purpose for the resume. This statement of purpose should be a short paragraph that includes your dance goals, and a description of your dancing abilities.

Locate a resume template where you will include all the relevant dance information. Microsoft Word has some resume template but you may want search the Internet for a larger sample of templates until you find one you like.

Write a dance resume by including all the information you compiled into the resume template. Be certain to include your contact information. Once you finish, have a dance colleague or professional examine the resume for errors or suggestions before you submit it for any dance positions.


Do not include more information than the employer asks for in their dance employment advertisement. The resume's main purpose is to exclude candidates. The more information you include outside the job scope the more reasons the employer has to exclude your resume from consideration.

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