How to Accept a Job Offer

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How to Accept a Job Offer. When you are job hunting, receiving the news that you have been offered a position is often cause for celebration. But before you jump for joy, there are a few things to consider and guidelines to take note of when accepting the offer. Follow these tips for accepting a job offer.

Evaluate the terms of the job offer. Be sure that employment terms such as vacation time, medical benefits and working hours are included in the offer letter and are consistent with what was discussed at the interview.

Consider the salary carefully. Now is the time to negotiate if you feel the salary does not meet your needs. If you choose to ask for a slightly higher salary, phone your recruiter or the company's human resources representative and let him know that you are interested in the position but would like to negotiate.

Think about your potential supervisor. Even though the position's salary and benefits may look good on paper, you will have to interact with your supervisor on a daily basis, so you want to be sure you got a good vibe from her during the interview. If you have any doubts, take another day to consider the offer before accepting.

Respond to the offer within the stated period of time. If no date is listed on the offer letter, ask your recruiter or human resources representative about the deadline. If you need a day or two more to consider the offer, let them know.

Write an official letter accepting the offer. Reiterate the terms you have agreed to, and confirm your start date. Keep the letter short and end on a positive note, making sure to let your new employer know that you are excited about the opportunity with the company.


If you were considering offers from several employers and decide to accept one, always let the other potential employers know with a letter. Thank them for the opportunity and inform them that you have accepted an offer with a company that you feel closely meets your needs.

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