How to Find Jobs that Utilizes Your Sense of Smell

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Smelling can be a wonderful experience, or it can give you information to save your life. Is your nose a great smeller? If so, here are some jobs that can use your "nose".

If you have a great "sniffer", you may be eligible for a number of jobs that specifically need the sense of smell. The first job that might work for you is at a fragrance counter. Check out Macy's, Nordstroms, and other stores that have people assist customers in choosing a perfume.

Sommeliers and brew masters

Quality control and assurance is another area that can use smell. Coffee companies, food companies, and other related companies need people to check products as they are made. Smell is a huge part of that process.

Safety inspectors also use smell to determine smoke smells, chemicals in the air, etc. The health and safety of workers and the public would appreciate your keen senses.

For those of you who want years of school, medical and clinic workers also use their sense of smell on a daily basis. The human body has many odors. Many of them are caused by certain bodily functions. Chemists