How to Start a Cleaning Service at Home

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How to Start a Cleaning Service at Home. If you are looking to establish a home business but have not yet decided on the service, then you will want to read this article. Starting a cleaning service is one of the easiest businesses to start and only requires a little start up money and some thoughtful planning.

Create a business plan. You will need to decide on a few key items before getting started. These items include a business name, services you will provide, policies you will have and fees you will charge.

Get the equipment needed. You will need a vacuum, broom, rags, disposable gloves and cleaning products. Consult with your clients to see if they have any special requests. Some clients may want you to use their own vacuum or they may have special cleaners for certain items.

Obtain important documents. Even though it is usually not required, becoming insured and bonded is very important. You want your clients to know that you are a legitimate business and can be trusted. You will also need to check with your state to determine if a business license is required.

Market your new business. Word of mouth is always the best way to obtain new business but in the beginning it will be difficult. Start by offering discount services to friends and families and encourage them to spread the word if they are satisfied. You may also have success advertising in the local paper, distributing flyers or even giving away business cards in your local coffee shop.


Your business policy should include anything that pertains to the operation of the business. Include the hours you will work, what method of payment you will accept and if you will work in houses with pets. When meeting a client for the first time, bring along informative paperwork. You should bring a copy of your policies, a fee breakdown, references and your business card or flyer. The fees you charge will depend on the area you live in. You can charge per hour, room or even whole house. Look at the prices your competitors charge to get an idea of the going rate.

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