How to Become an Entrepreneur

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How to Become an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who's able to adapt new ideas to a relevant marketplace in order to make money. While it seems like some entrepreneurs were born that way, in truth becoming an intelligent business person is more about hard work and smart choices.

Take an "ask permission later" attitude to selling and ideas by getting out there with your ideas as you take your first steps in business. Since your initial business moves are likely to be more valuable as learning experiences than as money-making ventures, taking bold steps based on your gut intuition will have bigger payoffs than research and foot dragging about your ideas.

Become an evangelist for an idea once you have one you believe in by making your business idea something that you breathe, sleep and eat. You should be selling your idea at all times and when you can't be selling you should be thinking about how to be selling.

Understand that demand for a product or service is created (by intelligent suppliers) more than it's found. In this sense, you need creative and aggressive marketing programs to back up your product so you can constantly chisel out new places to sell where before you only saw rocks and hard places.

Know when are the times to run for a deal or opportunity and when are the times to keep a cool head. The difference between the two is something you learn so pay attention to all different kinds of selling situations--and what brings you either success or failure--as you start out as an entrepreneur.

Make sure that you're in it for the long haul since even the most intelligent, subtle business people acknowledge that successful entrepreneurs are those who stay in the game, even after a whole series of failed ventures.

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