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How to Get an Entry Level Copywriting Job

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How to Get an Entry Level Copywriting Job. Copywriters are responsible for doing just what the job title suggests: writing copy. As an entry level copywriter you help brainstorm ideas for advertisements, write text, headlines and blurbs for many forms of media. Follow the steps to learn how to get an entry level copywriting job and begin your career.

Be creative, open-minded and observant. Love media, have a sense of humor, understand people and the way they look to the media for information and entertainment, and enjoy writing. Having a way with words is very important in the field of copywriting.

Go to college. Get a degree in journalism, advertising, marketing, English, communications or another liberal arts or media studies field. Whether you earn an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree, any amount of education is better than none.

Get an internship in your field. The more experience you have the better off you'll be when you look for an entry level copywriting position.

Start building a portfolio right now. Save copies of school project and advertisements you created during your internship. Save any published writing clips and any school work that you feel good about.

Call advertising and marketing firms, television stations, newspapers, magazines and other media firms. Send resumes and samples and apply for entry level positions where years of experience aren't necessary. Talk to college advisors and look in newspapers and online job listing sites for current openings.

Start anywhere--you may need to work your way up in the field. Be willing to start as a copywriting assistant or intern or do other jobs in the media field until you can work your way into your dream job.

Consider freelancing or starting your own business. Create your own website, business cards and stationery and start to gain some clients.