How to Find Summer Jobs at a Marina

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How to Find Summer Jobs at a Marina. Teenagers, college students and anyone looking to make some extra money often take on summer jobs. If you want a summer job, a great place to look for one is at a marina. There are several kinds of opportunities available for the energetic worker.

Find summer jobs at a marina by visiting the ones in your area. Marinas at lakes, private resort communities and along the ocean fronts are full of possibilities. You must be prepared to go and visit in person, talk to a manager and present yourself well. There's always a better chance of getting hired when you go to visit in person, rather than just calling on the phone.

Be open to all the possibilities. You can find work inside the marina store as a clerk working behind the counter. Many marinas have restaurants that need waiters, waitresses and hostesses. Marinas often hire summer workers to man the gas pumps at the docks to help boaters fill their tanks and collect payment. Workers are needed to clean the grounds, cut grass and keep the docks and beaches clean.

Walk the docks at the marinas and look for boat-owners who might hire help to wash boats. Some marinas that dock houseboats have clientele who might be looking for babysitting help during the vacation season. You might be able to get hired as a houseboat sitter while the family takes an excursion elsewhere.

Get prepared to work holidays and weekends if you want to find summer jobs at a marina. Those are the busiest times at marinas and you'll have opportunity to work a lot of hours. Make sure you tell the marina manager that you are flexible and available whenever needed and for whatever job is needed. The more flexible and dependable you are, the more opportunities you'll have.

Go to find summer jobs at a marina with your ID handy. Most places ask for two forms of identification, one with a picture. Also, if you are from out of the United States, take your work permit documentation with you.

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