How to Work for the IRS

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How to Work for the IRS. A career working for the IRS can present unlimited opportunities for financial growth and advancement in professionalism. There are several ways to begin a career with the Internal Revenue Service. You don't necessarily have to be a college graduate to begin work.

Know that there are entry-level positions with the IRS that don't require a college degree. You must have a high school diploma, though. Concentrate on maintaining a good GPA and a clean character background. Some high school seniors can qualify for student intern positions with the IRS. It's possible to start out as an IRS Data Transcriber or other similar positions part time while finishing high school. Talk with your high school guidance counselor about the possibilities.

Develop strong skills in accounting, if you want to work for the IRS and have opportunities for several positions. Because the Internal Revenue Service is on the federal government level, the opportunities are enormous. Work for the IRS offers many different kinds of jobs with varying levels of expertise required within each position level. As you advance in a career with the IRS, you'll have chances to be mentored by experts in the field of tax accounting.

Obtain a college degree in accounting, criminal justice or business administration if you want to work for the IRS in some of the upper-level positions. You can work as a Tax Examiner or Revenue Officer. You'll collect unpaid tax bills, examine complicated tax returns for businesses and negotiate payment options.

Prepare to work for the IRS as a special agent in the Criminal Investigation department by studying federal law enforcement, criminal justice and accounting. As a Criminal Investigator, you could be assigned to cases examining overseas income not reported on federal income tax records. You must have a nose for investigation, tracking down tax fraud and bringing tax evaders to accountability and justice.

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