How to Write a Commercial Script

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How to Write a Commercial Script. Writing a commercial script can be a challenging and thrilling experience. A commercial writer must know the guidelines for the company they are going to write for. The company will send you commercial script guidelines before the assignment and then ask you to write a script and submit it for consideration. Follow these steps so you can write a successful commercial script.

Start researching about your commercial theme by watching as many commercials you can. Watch how the producers format a commercial from beginning to end. Look at the ways the actors are placed, posed or what they represent in look and style.

Practice writing draft reviews of the assigned commercial project and add in suggestions and take out things as you keep revising. Ask yourself who is going to watch this commercial and what they will want to know about the product or service.

Ask yourself if you would watch your own commercial all the way through with enthusiasm. Ask people to read your commercial script back to you and see if you like it.

Find people to act out your commercial script and see how you feel about it when it is presented to you. Test the waters and look at what is effective in your commercial and what will not work.

Look over your draft and use constructive criticism on your own piece. Be realistic. Ask yourself if your script will grab the attention of your audience or make them want to purchase the item. You must decide what marketing strategies will be effective.

Make any final changes to your script. Then, send your commercial scripts in for review and publication.