How to Fake Fingerprints

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How to Fake Fingerprints. Traditionally, fingerprints have been used as evidence in court cases and are even used in high-tech security systems. However, recent experimentation is proving to the world of forensic science that creating forged, latent fingerprints is dangerously easy. While there are several methods, faking fingerprints with Super Glue and a computer is an easy experiment to try at home or in the classroom. Read on to learn how to fake fingerprints.

Find a good source from which to collect latent fingerprints. Good sources include smooth, glossy surfaces, such as glass bottles or cups, doorknobs, windows and mirrors. If you want to fake the fingerprints of all five digits, go for a bottle or cup.

Place a few drops of Super Glue into a plastic bottle cap. Place the bottle cap over the fingerprint you would like to forge and hold it in place for a few seconds. The main ingredient in Super Glue, Cyanoacrylat, reacts with the fat left in the latent fingerprint to form a solid white substance. When you remove the bottle cap you should see all of the fine ridges and details of the print.

Take a close-up digital photo of the fingerprint you will fake and upload it into your favorite image software program. Fine tune the detail and clean up the image as much as possible without destroying the integrity of the print.

Print the image onto a transparent slide, most often used for overhead projectors. It is important that you use a laser printer, as the ink prints slightly raised. Allow the image to dry thoroughly.

Cover the printed fingerprint with a thin layer of wood glue, which will make the relief of the fake print. Allow the glue to dry completely before gently pulling it off of the slide. Be careful not to stretch or distort the print when pulling it off of the slide.

Cut the glue so that the edges of the dry forged print will wrap around your finger. You want to leave enough room that your fake prints will not leave tell-tale edge prints as well, giving away your forgery. Apply a small amount of theatrical glue to your fingertip and place the fake print carefully onto your finger, ridge side out. Now, rub your face to cover the forged print with residue and print away.

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