How to Become a Fact Checker

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Step 1

Network in the news office. If you are in the newspaper office, ask around for contacts at other publications. See if your office could use a fact checker even part-time. Try to get your foot in the door by filling a similar role like proofing or co-authoring stories.

Step 2

Get a specialized degree. A communications degree from a highly rated school with a concentration in research will make you among the most qualified for fact checking jobs. A few classes on a booming field like technical writing wouldn't hurt either.

Step 3

Leverage your contacts and name recognition. Try to find your way up or across to someone who deals with fact checkers within the industry. Putting together a portfolio of your work will help you get noticed by those who could have the authority to get you into an advanced role like fact checking.

Step 4

Go corporate. A big, corporate shop is most likely to have a fact checking job available, and with a foot in the door, you'll be one step closer to getting there. Types of corporations that are promising include mixed-media companies and companies with television or mass media holdings. Big pharmaceutical or financial shops are other venues: their need for trade publications could pay off for you.

Step 5

Contact editors with freelance staff. A swamped editor might consent to hiring on someone you could call a "fact checker", a kind of executive assistant whose job would be to follow up on stories from the field to ensure quality. This can be a long shot, but it's one way to pursue your niche job in the greater picture.


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