How to Get a Support Employee Gaming License

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How to Get a Support Employee Gaming License. If you are living in the state of Colorado or South Dakota and want to work in a gaming establishment, then you would need either a support employee gaming license or a key employee license. Other states refer to them as level 1, 2 or 3 licenses, key or non-key, or management, gaming or non-gaming. In order to get a support license, follow the steps below.

Pay the application fee to cover the initial license. The cost is $50 in South Dakota but $100 in Colorado. Make certain that you take proof of identification.

Answer the questions on the applications. The first page involves your name and address. The following pages involve whether you have had felonies or criminal convictions.

Release your credit history. If you have outstanding delinquencies on taxes, student loans or child support, it must be disclosed on the application. Most of the questions regard owing the government money.

Swear that the application is true and allow for a background check.

List any arrests including traffic arrests. You need to include the details of the arrest. Times, dates, and offenses are important to know ahead.

Get your fingerprints at a local police station, sign the form that allows the gaming commission to see all tax forms and submit the entire form. There is usually a nominal fee for the fingerprints, which you pay at the police station.


Most states have similar procedures. Level 2 and 3 gaming licenses, casino employee, casino service employee and non-key employee licenses are similar to support licenses. The fees vary from state to state.

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