How to Become a Certified Herbalist

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Herbal medicine has been used for centuries as a method of healing and maintaining good health. While many herbal remedies and practices are passed down through generations of practitioners, as more people become interested in complementary and natural medicine, there's increased demand for trained herbalists to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these remedies. While there is certifying agency for herbalists, naturopathic medicine providers must complete training in order to become licensed. Others involved in the practice of herbalism can also seek education and training in the field.

Determine your career goals. While there are no federal or state guide regulations for herbalists specifically, physicians wishing to incorporate herbalism into their practice, including chiropractors, may be required to complete specific coursework related to herbal medicine in order to be licensed.

Locate a school that is certified to train herbalists. Note that although some schools will claim that graduates will be "certified herbalists," this refers to the fact that you will complete the program with a certificate.

Attend the classes. Many classes are online. You may also find local classes. Study the information that is put out. Study various herbs and their properties, herbal blends and contents. Concentrate and learn all that you can from your herbalist instructor.

Work with the actual herbs. Be sure to get out of the books and use the herbs in your studies.

Prepare for the final exam that your school offers. This will consist of all the information that you have studied. After the exam, you will be certified by your school.

Continue to learn about herbalism. There is so much information out there to take in. Enroll in continuing education classes.


Performing actual case studies helps you focus on real life applications. Become proficient in these so you will have the skill to deal with real clients.


There is no certifying agency for herbalists. Make sure that you attend a reputable school. The more highly regarded your school, the better your standing.



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