How to Become a Tax Attorney

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How to Become a Tax Attorney. Being a tax attorney would definitely be one of the most difficult areas of law. Not only do you have to know the law, but you have to know the ins and outs of tax law and filing information. It is almost like being an attorney and an accountant at the same time. Use these steps to learn a little more about tax law and how to become a tax attorney.

Excel in law school with a concentration in tax law. This is a very complicated and difficult to understand area of law. Put in a lot of study time and excel at everything you do.

Get an internship. Find an internship opportunity with a taxation law firm to learn the ropes and make sure you are prepared to enter the world of tax law. This also gives you a networking opportunity and a great spot on your resume for a job after graduation.

Get involved. Being involved in student activities at your law school has been proven to help in getting students jobs after graduation. Join a political club, law review or other student activity. Consider joining the university tax club to interact with those people more as well.

Pass the bar. Each state has a bar exam that, if passed, allows you to practice law in that state legally. Each state has a different exam and some states require a multistate test to be passed. Check out the American Bar Association website for more specific information.


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