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How to Buy a Shark Cage

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How to Buy a Shark Cage. Eco-tourism has exploded in recent years as consumers increasingly demand a thrilling vacation experience. This trend has stimulated a rise in the shark cage diving industry, where vacationers immerse themselves below the surface of the ocean and come face-to-face with a great white. When starting a shark cage diving company, your biggest investment will be the right cage.

Check with the government agency that regulates shark cage diving in your area. Before you even start pricing out shark cages, find out what specifications you need to operate legally in your location.

Buy your vessel before you buy your shark cage. A complete shark cage diving apparatus includes an air supply as well as a mechanism for raising and lowering the cage. Knowing what kind of layout you'll be working with will help you choose the right cage.

Look around for a quality used shark cage. Though the industry tends toward expansion, shark cage diving operations tend to be small and independently owned. You might get lucky and buy a cage from somebody who wants to get out of the business. Check trade forums or ask around in your community.

Commission a custom-built shark cage. Unfortunately, buying a shark cage isn't as easy as going to the shark cage store. Companies specialize in making cages to your unique specifications and tailoring the cage to the size of your boat and the type of operation you'd like to run.

Have your cage inspected. No matter what country or state you live in, it's necessary to go through the process of registering your company and your shark cage in order to comply with the law.