How to Repair a Shop Vac

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How to Repair a Shop Vac. A Shop Vac is a useful tool for any home or office. Shop Vac has a large product line that serves both homes and commercial entities. The parts in a Shop Vac are known for their durability, but occasionally the instruments require repair.

Determine what is wrong with your Shop Vac. You can troubleshoot the device online (see Resource below). Look at all the obvious things, such as wiring, switches and hoses. Check in the tank for any clogs. Sometimes lack of suction is caused by a clog.

Listen to any noise the motor emits. Complete silence means the engine is totally shot; grinding noises tell you that it might need to be rebuilt.

Take the filter out to see if it was installed properly, is dirty or damaged. The repair may be as simple as a filter replacement.

Check for cleaning. Feel the suction at the end of the hose to see if it powerful enough. Many times if you have vacuumed fine dust particles, they escape into the motor. You may have to tear the motor apart and clean its parts.

Lift the hose and move it around to make sure there are no cracks. Your repair may be as simple as a hose replacement.

Test your environment. If you have a problem with static shock, it could be due to a dry environment.


You can troubleshoot the obvious things yourself. Do not spend money you don't need to.


Always unplug equipment before repairing.


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