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How to Get a Job at Spring Training

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How to Get a Job at Spring Training. If you are a diehard baseball fan, then you should consider getting a job at your favorite team's spring training complex. Many of the jobs are seasonal and allow you to be part of the action, as your team gets ready for the season ahead. It's even a great way to take a "working vacation" and earn a little cash while away from the grind of the office.

Determine if you are headed to Arizona or Florida for your job at spring training. The Cactus League is in Arizona and the Grapefruit League is in Florida. Each have a healthy smattering of about half of the big league teams. Decide which place fits your fancy.

Target several teams. You can drive yourself crazy trying to get a job with all 30 Major League Teams. Pick your top 4 (obviously needing to be in the same location) and work through the list.

Create your "spring training" resume. A Master's Degree may not be the thing that makes you marketable to a sports franchise. Instead, think of the jobs you would like to do, and the experience you have. For instance if you are in charge of grooming your local Little League field, then apply for a grounds crew job. At any given baseball camp there are countless fields being used that need constant attention.

Send your resume to the appropriate personnel in late November. Once the holiday season gets underway, it's time to look for your spring training job. The seasonal jobs begin in January and end a couple weeks after the big club heads out in April.

Follow up and schedule an interview. Many times the persistent bird gets the worm. Don't be afraid to follow up and offer to schedule a phone interview (or if you are really a diehard, fly out for an interview.) The worst they can say is "no" or that there are no positions available and then you can move onto the next team.

Get hired and do your job. Remember that first and foremost you are there to work. So get the job done and then enjoy the perks like watching games for free and getting better access to ballplayer autographs.


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