How to Break Up With a Coworker

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How to Break Up With a Coworker. It's never a good idea to date a coworker, but sometimes it happens. Although the attraction is deep and genuine, it can really lead to problems in the workplace whether the relationship works out or not. If you do decide to date a coworker, keep the relationship quiet. But if you need to break up with a coworker, follow these steps.

Ignore the looks of pity from other coworkers that you may possibly receive. They usually have your best interest in mind and genuinely care how you feel.

Relax and give yourself time to heal. Understand that your feelings are normal. Having to see your ex at work every day makes it harder for the sadness to go away, so be patient with yourself and your feelings.

Try not to badmouth your ex to other coworkers. This can come back to haunt you no matter how much you trust him. If you end up getting back together with your coworker, you can't take back what you said.

Take a vacation from work to give yourself time to heal after the break-up. You need to get your thoughts and feelings together without having to see your coworker every day. The sight of her will start the emotional roller coaster again.

Consider the idea of finding a new job if it's too hard to deal with. This could be the opportunity you've been looking for to start a new career or land a new job.


Take the high road and don't flirt excessively with other coworkers in order to get revenge on your ex.

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