How to Help a Coworker Cope With Stress

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How to Help a Coworker Cope With Stress. The workplace can be a stressful environment and stress at work can take its toll on you and your coworkers. Have you noticed that a coworker is cracking under the pressure? If you think your coworker needs a helping hand, here are a few ways in which you can help a them cope with stress.

Talk to your coworker. Tell him that you have noticed his stress, and that you would like to help. Offer to be his mentor, to be there when he needs to vent and to help him cope with his stress.

Invite your coworker to take an extra break or two. Approach her at her desk and ask her to take a quick walk outside with you, so that she can take a minute away from the pile of work in front of her.

Help your coworker look for ways of improving his time management or organization abilities. Maybe you can help him create a to-do list that will work for him. Tell him that he should ask you for help when the list is out of control, and help him recognize the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals.

Smile and laugh together. It sounds silly, but a simple smile or a good laugh can reduce stress significantly and quickly.

Adjust the work environment for your coworker if possible. Adjust the lighting, temperature, noise or even the music, in order to create a relaxing environment.

Set a good example for your coworker and have an optimistic attitude. If you have a positive attitude, it will quickly spread and can help her to cope with her stress.

Offer to help your coworker find a general practitioner than can give him medical advice if the stress at work is affecting his health.

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