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How to Open a Domino's Pizza Franchise

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Domino's Pizza favors selling franchises to people who've already operated a Domino's restaurant. However, you can still apply if you don't have this experience. Whether you've worked at Domino's or not, you'll have to go through an extensive training program before you can buy a Domino's franchise.

Types of Domino's Franchises

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When looking into buying a Domino's franchise, you have three types of restaurants to choose from. The traditional store sells everything on the menu and offers both delivery and carry-out. These are typically located in strip centers, shopping malls and the like. A non-traditional store offers only carry-out, though it may sometimes have space for dine-in customers. These are located in offices, malls, zoos, airports, stadiums and similar locations. The third option, a transitional store, has a limited menu that's customized for its location. Often, these stores only offer carry-out or limited delivery. These may be opened in smaller markets where the success of Domino's hasn't yet been proven.

Initial Experience Requirements

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Domino's heavily favors current employees becoming franchise owners. Former entry-level employees own about 90 percent of Domino's franchises. In fact, Domino's will only sell a franchise to a non-employee if the company doesn't have an internal employee who can open a store in the region. To join as an external candidate, you must submit your name, address, e-mail and area of interest to If you're a current employee, you can apply through Domino's internal website.

Training Requirements

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The best route for owning a Domino's franchise starts by working your way up the ladder. Contact a local Domino's store about getting a job as an operator or a manager for a Domino's. If you don't have 12 months of management experience at Domino's, including completing the company's High Performance University Crew and General Manager in Training programs, then you'll need to complete pre-qualification, the entire Franchise Management School course and accelerated store training. All potential franchise owners also need to attend Domino's Pizza Prep School and training in the company's PULSE program.

Investment Requirements

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The investment requirements for Domino's stores vary slightly depending on the type of store. At publication, a traditional store requires an initial investment from $141,650 to $466,700 depending on the location, types of furnishings needed and three months of additional funds. A non-traditional store requires an investment of $102,650 to $460,200. A transitional store requires an investment of $115,600 to $377,700. You will also have to pay royalty fees, a percentage into an advertising fund and other expenses.


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