How to Become a HRIS Manager

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How to Become a HRIS Manager. The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) manager is becoming a critical job in the human resources field. This is especially true as human resource functions and processes become more automated. As HR needs more specialized technology, there is a greater need for IT expertise to manage the systems. In addition, as HR becomes more strategic, companies need high-level data in order to streamline the decision making. Read on to learn more.

Become an HRIS Manager

Learn key software such as Oracle and Microsoft Office (including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access). Stay abreast of these applications as updates become available. Attend seminars and conferences geared toward HRIS software so you can evaluate the information and company need.

Start your career off by working for a company in the information technology (IT) department. This experience will help you learn the company's systems while learning to interact with other employees who utilize the actual programs.

Round out your resume by learning payroll applications and obtaining human resources skills. The ideal HRIS candidate will have payroll, IT and human resources systems experience. Working for a small company at first may give you the opportunity to learn each of these functions, since they may be grouped in the same department.

Understand computer systems. Companies will not necessarily need the IT experience if you can prove you know what you are doing when it comes to systems. There are numerous online workshops that you can take at a reasonable price to get you started.

Start off as an HRIS administrator working under a manager. This will give you valuable experience working with HRIS systems as well as building up a resume suited for management. Let your manager know your goals, and learn every facet of the job while under his supervision.

Take a class in scripting (there are also books you can use to teach yourself). Scripting includes HTML, JAVA, ASP and XML applications--which are all required knowledge of an HRIS manager. Stay informed regarding updates in improvements to software as they become available.

Take a course in public speaking. Because you will be in charge of articulating the needs of the marketplace back to the company, as well as determining and explaining the value of different solutions, you need to present these thoughts to an audience. Public speaking classes will help you feel comfortable presenting information to groups and allow you to speak more clearly and with more confidence.


You do not necessarily have to enroll in a computer systems degree program to take classes. Many online education companies offer classes and certification in single computer application classes.

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