How to Work in a Morgue

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How to Work in a Morgue. Are you interested in working in a morgue? If so, you are making a great career choice. This is a growing field and several colleges and universities offer programs to train you.

Review the requirements of the job to determine if this is the correct field for you. For some, the idea of studying a body post-mortem is not something they feel comfortable with. However, if the idea of examining a body to determine the cause of death appeals to you, this will be a fascinating career.

Speak to someone at your local coroner's office or hospital morgue to find out what types of careers are available there and decide which one you are interested in. You might also ask what the educational requirements are for those positions.

Enroll in a program of study at a university or technical college. If you are interested in higher-level morgue work, you will need to get a Bachelor of Science degree in biology or nursing. If, however, you would prefer working as a morgue assistant to start, you should enroll at a technical college and get a degree as a medical technician.

Get certified by state and local authorities. After graduation, you will need to attain the proper certification to assist with or perform autopsies because this is a highly sensitive area of medical work.

Attain a position as an intern. Almost all medical fields require some type of internship prior to working as a certified technician. This field is no different. Though you begin at a lower pay scale, you will attain valuable experience that allows you to attain greater success in your work in the morgue.

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