How to Become a Brick Mason

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How to Become a Brick Mason. The growing population and the rough working conditions keep brick masons in demand. While no formal training is necessary to become a brick mason, you have to decide how you want to go about learning the ways of this trade. The following steps provide different methods to becoming a brick mason.

Choose which method you want to use. You can choose between on-the-job training, an apprenticeship and vocational school.

Expect on-the-job training to take anywhere from 2 to 4 years, which is longer than training as a formal apprentice. Begin by making scaffolding, mixing mortar and moving materials. Once you have the basic skills, you can place the brick and stone yourself.

Look for apprenticeship openings with contractors, unions or trade associations in your area. After completing an apprenticeship, you will be certified in at least one area of brick masonry. The whole process takes as long as 3 years and includes learning skills such as reading blueprints, layout, drawing and appropriate math.

Research the benefits of becoming a brick mason through vocational classes. If you are in high school and interested in the field of masonry, check if your vocational school offers a masonry program. There are also vocational school masonry programs for adults. Check your phone book for local listings and then sign up.

Check for classes available through the industry. Visit the International Masonry Institute website for available training classes and more information on the brick mason profession.


This profession involves a lot of physical movement and stress to the body. Make sure you will be able to cope with its demands.


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