How to Use "The Secret" to Find a New Job

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How to Use "The Secret" to Find a New Job. Most Americans spend the majority of their working days feeling unfulfilled. Yet finding the right job is easy once you know "The Secret" which uses the power of attraction to bring forth your desires. Follow the steps below to begin creating your dream career.

Focus on what type of job you want. Jot down the types of activities, tasks and people that you want to attract. What type of boss and co-workers would you like? Do you want a beautiful environment to work in? Write a list of such things to get everything clear in your mind.

Spend 10 to 20 minutes each day reading through your list and visualizing your perfect job. "The Secret" emphasizes attracting your desires through feelings. Therefore, when you are visualizing, dive in and feel the experience as intensely as possible.

See the end result. The most effective way to attract anything is to see it as completed. Therefore, imagine everything that you would have if your new job were a reality.

Be thankful for what you have. Another major aspect of "The Secret" is gratitude. When you radiate appreciation, the Universe attracts more things for you to be thankful for. Thank God for everything knowing that you are a unique and special person.

Follow your instincts and be aware of your feelings. God will attract the perfect circumstances that lead to your new career. If several new opportunities materialize, follow the one that feels best.

Have faith that God will attract your new job to you. To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, "divine patience yields instant results." Meditate on this phrase knowing that a flower does not grow overnight.

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